Video: Frame-by-frame design

2001 - 2015

For over 10 years Jeff led a large video production and post-production group at Mayo Clinic and was fortunate to be able to dive into creative projects. Below are a few examples from those years.

Jeff was the co-producer and acting creative director on a series of transplant spots that featured patients from a competing market.

Jeff took the initiative to brand Mayo Clinic more prominently in its many video productions. This animation emphasizes Mayo's three shields of Practice, Education and Research.

Jeff Produced this sketch animation piece for the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine. That's Jeff's hand drawing out his own pre-prepared sketches.

1996 - 2001 

Jeff also enjoyed working at Pixel Farm in Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1996 to 2001 creating digital motion-graphic design and special effects work. That experience, combined with previous video design positions helped Jeff acquire tremendous experience in motion design, animation, video production, and postproduction. Put jeff's experienced eye to work for you on your next important video project.

Jeff was the lead special effects designer for this Puppy Chow commercial. We shot on location in Pasadena, CA in a residential neighborhood. 

Jeff remembers that it was a great fun working on music videos for national acts of the 90's such as the Bare Naked Ladies, the Cranberries, Soul Asylum and others. 

This Foo Fighters music video was posted at Pixel Farm in 2000. For this project, Jeff was the lead compositor and digital artist responsible for putting all the elements together and making the scenes cohesive. There was a lot of old NASA footage used throughout. Among other challenges was the need to match the look of the new film shots to1960's vintage 35mm film. The music video was shot using some of the set elements from the film, Apollo 13 in Los Angeles.

Jeff created this compilation video to demonstrate the wide variety of design and special effects work he had done while at Pixel Farm from 1995 to 2001. Oftentimes clients came to Pixel with no idea what they were going to walk out with, arriving with only their confidence in Pixel's creative reputation for being able to generate great work on the fly. Jeff and his Pixel colleagues were very proud of that fact.

Jeff says that this Golf Galaxy spot was challenging yet fun because the company was just getting off the ground and didn't have a lot of money to spend on a big agency.