ShieldAll Protective Coatings
"We need everything."

Sometimes a client needs everything. Happily, that was the case for SheildAll Protective Coatings when they came to Fuse. Even the name was up in the air for a while as we began conversations about the incredible attributes of their groundbreaking products. Water cleanup but slows fire spread? Yup. Non toxic but still termites won't touch wood coated in it? That's right. Not even one mold spore will grow on any surface coated with SA1020? Uh huh. This stuff is nuts amazing. As a long-time home owner and do it yourself guy, I love working on projects that are this cool. I hope to follow these guys and watch with pride as they take over this category of building materials. 

A clean professional website was super important to a company with no world headquarters (yet). The graphical elements played well throughout the pages. 

The logo was really important to get right. I wanted strength, protection and to cover the big three - Mold, Fire and Wood boring insects.

We even needed bucket labels for the different products and a quarter page ad to place in trade magazines. I love it when a system comes together. Booyah baby.

Grand Rounds Brewery
Designer's Dream

Sometimes things just go your way. I've been making some new friends at Grand Rounds Brewery (downstairs from my office) and have been slowly beginning to understand their passion for great brewing. The Head Brewer, Adam, is a great guy who, as it turns out, spent five years in Los Angeles as a film editor before pursuing his love of the craft and science of brewing. 


So Adam says, "There's a brewing competition in Red Wing, MN this coming weekend and I am taking four new beers to compete." Then he tells me it would be great to do some branding for each individual beer. I was excited and honored, to say the least, and took it on as a personal challenge to get the project done with enough time to print some one-sheets at Officemax the day of the competition. They not only have great beer, they have great names for them as well - Hans Grubier, Alien Candy, Beer J., and Mo Citra Mo Problems. Adam is a great writer as well (all his copy) as a great brewer. Man, I'm beat. But I'm super happy with the results. 


One thing leads to another so it looks like I am doing a near complete rebrand now. New logo (keeping the great hop-brain art) more labels, custom growler art, menus, signage promo items and more. Will keep you posted on results.

Business Cards
Master Logo
Commemorative Growler Label
Exterior Sign
Crowler Label and Poster System
Website Layout
Brewing 101 for Menu and Poster