Med City Football Club. New season, new 20-page program. MCFC is going to rock it this year! Great lineup of players, more home games and tons of exciting play. Can't wait.

2018 Tee shirt designs for Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch. Hard to argue with King Solomon. (c.1000 B.C.) He knew what he was talking about.

New Logo for Iron Bear Axe Throwing. Need to relieve a little office stress? I guess axe throwing is kinda like darts but you know, with an axe. Watch for Iron Bear to open up this summer. Lights, camera, axtion! 

Barracks Apparel
Logo Development Projects

I love working with startups and I can't wait to see where Barracks Apparel goes from here. They are positioning themselves as an outdoor and adventure online apparel store. In this instance, the logo was even more important than normal as it will become front-and-center as a fashion element for the brand. So which one did they go with? The flag with the B on it. Exciting.