Clinical Design  -  Designing for Better Care Delivery


Fuse knows first-hand about the need for design thinking in everything from patient education materials, decision aid research to new ED flow processes.

We have also found that medical professionals want to do one of four things: 1) Connect with their patients 2) Influence stakeholders 3) Sell new ideas 4) Create efficiencies in processes. If you have a project in mind, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be straightforward about how we think we can help you.

- Fuse can help you influence stakeholders, connect to your patients and sell your idea -

Fuse's Jeff Bell led the Creative Direction and production of this sketch animation for the Academic Emergency Medicine Consensus Conference in 2015. The Conference planners were eager to use a unique approach to promote the topic that would be discussed at the conference. After haggling over the script Jeff developed a working storyboard and agreed on finished sketches with medical content experts.


Rich Busey, Producer

David Coleman, Director of Photography

Katie McPhillips, Editor